Some Like it Tepid for the TI-84 Plus CE (with TI-SensorLink Adapter)

Students are challenged to design a system that informs the user if their coffee is too hot to drink. The system should notify the user of three states: Too hot to drink; too cold; or just right.

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Save your palate

Design a system that monitors coffee to ensure the temperature is just right.



Students create a system that monitors the temperature of a beverage and notifies you when the temperature is too hot or too cold.

Use of TI SensorLinkTM


Feedback and control systems

Vernier Temperature sensor input

Color LED and sound output

Coding concepts:


  Conditional statements



Project Resources

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Download TI-84 Plus CE .8XP Program File link



Learn to do the project yourself

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Setting up

Update your TI-84 Plus CE, TI SmartView CE emulator software and TI-Innovator sketch link

Download a tutorial on using the TI Connect CE software for program editing and transferring files to and from your calculator  PDF link 

Download a step-by-step guide to updating your TI-Innovator Hub   PDF link  


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