Koda med TI | Loopar | TI-84 Plus

Kapitel 4 - Övning 1 - Loopar och For(…)-loopen.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Author: TI Sweden

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Programming, T3, Vector calculus

Update TI Innovator HUB

Instructies die je toelaten je TI HUB sketch te updaten zodat je deze kan gebruiken in je TI Innovator Rover. Bevat de links naar de TI innovator HUB update software en de laatste versie va…

Publisher: Franklin Neyt

Author: Franklin Neyt

Topic:  Other

Tags: T3, Youtube, Data collection, Electricity

Andragradsfunktioner del 1-del 2

Ma 2 - Linjära och icke linjära modeller | I två övningar ska vi studera hur koefficienterna a och c. Övningarna är de två första delarna av fyra i en serie med samma tema.

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: T3, Curriculum, Data collection, Linear, Mechanics, Quadratic function

Step by Step Chemistry on the TiNspire CX

Perform many Chemistry / Stoichiometry tasks Step by Step , Explore the Periodic System of Elements (PSE) , Balance Chemical Equations, Gas Laws, Limiting Reagent, Mole/Mass computations an…

Author: SmartSoft

Topic:  Chemistry

Tags: Chemistry, Material to order, Mathematical thinking, Physics, T3

The Use of CAS in Exams

The Use of CAS in Exams - A lecture at the T3 International Conference in Chicago, March 2017

Author: Helmut Heugl

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Functions, Sharing Inspiration 2019, T3, Research

A Lunar Ellipse

Students consider the question "What is the shape of the curve forming the terminator of the crescent moon?" They then calculate the area of the crescent and graph its variation over one m…

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  STEM

Tags: 3D Geometry, Coding, Algebra, Randomness, Angles, STEM, Area, T3, Ellipse, TI-Innovator, Frequency, Modelling, Physics, Sine