Running the Bases (with TI-RGB Array) for TI-Nspire

Explore base-2, base-10, base-16, and ASCII. Students use a TI-Innovator Hub, TI-RGB Array, and TI-Nspire to display on the array a byte in binary. Strongly aligns with AP Computer Science Principles.

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Topic:  Computer Science  Mathematics

Tags  Algorithm ,  Coding ,  Decimals ,  Programming ,  String ,  TI-Innovator

Students use the TI-RGB Array to explore the bases of human-computer interaction

Tool building is an essential aspect of humanity, and the computer is the ultimate modern tool. Humans have big brains, five senses, agile fingers, vocal cords and eat food; computers don’t have or do any of these. Computers have integrated circuits, cameras, microphones, speakers, displays, keyboards, mice, and consume electricity; humans don't have or do any of these. How do our human brains communicate with the computer’s integrated circuits? The computer has two fundamental components, software and hardware. The essential component of hardware is the integrated circuit, while the essential component of the software is logical operations on binary numbers....


Aligned with AP® Computer Science Principles 

Explore relationships among base-2, base-10, and base-16 number systems

Build a TI-RGB Array flippy-do

Develop a decimal to binary algorithm

Display a byte in base-2 on the Array

Encode/decode ASCII characters


Running the Bases Project Downloads

Teacher Document   PDF  link  Word doc  link

TI-RGB Array Flippy Do Worksheet  PDF  link  Word doc  link

Foldable Flippy Do   PDF  link

TI-Nspire TNS Program file   link


Optional Downloads

TI-RGB Array holder 3D Print (.stl) Zip file   link

Binary Bars 3D Print (.stl) Zip file   link


Learn to do the project yourself

Download Learn to do the project PDF link   


Setting up

Update your TI-Nspire CX family handheld, TI-Nspire computer software and TI-Innovator sketch link

Download a step-by-step guide to updating your TI-Innovator Hub   PDF link 


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