Meet the TI-Innovator Hub

Introduction to the TI-Innovator Hub technology and programming the Hub with a set of challenges for middle school and high school students.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Topic:  Computer Science  STEM

Tags  Python

Meet the TI-Innovator Hub

Get started with TI-Innovator Hub by learning the fundamentals of the Hub technology and programming the Hub along with a set of challenges.





Project Resources 

TI-84 Plus CE TI-Basic

Download Activity Presentation   PDF link   Powerpoint .pptx  link

Download Meet the Hub TI-Basic Programs   Zip  link


TI-84 Plus CE Python 

Download Activity Presentation  PDF link   Powerpoint .pptx  link

Download Teacher Python Programs with examples  Zip  link

Download Student Python Programs   Zip  link


TI-Nspire CXII Python

Download Activity Presentation   PDF link   Powerpoint .pptx  link


Other Background Resources

TI Codes link

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