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Are Mathematical and Scientific Models different?

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Modelling, Parabola, Physics, Quadratic, Software, Tangent, Vector calculus

Using the fitting of curves to cables this activity examines the nature of scientific and mathematical modeling. Either student instruction or CPD for professionals.

Andragradsekvationer på djupet

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige

Author: Texas Instruments Inc.

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Iteration, Algebra, Series, Computer Algebra, Curriculum, Exercise, Problem Solving, Quadratic

Ma 2 - Algebra - I denna aktivitet går vi igenom vad begreppet kvadratkomplettering innebär.

Att tillverka en låda med största möjliga volym

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Computer Algebra, Curriculum, Exercise, Functions, Linear, Quadratic

Ma 2 - Linjära och icke linjära modeller | Tillverka en låda med rektangulär botten

Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Function Explorer

Author: Nevil Hopley

Tags: Linear, Quadratic, Powers and roots, Coordinate systems, Discriminant

Explore linear, quadratic and cubic functions, their graphs and their different algebraic representations.

Quadratic theory Higher maths exam questions

Author: David J C Elgin

Tags: Quadratic, Discriminant

Higher maths exam level questions on quadratic theory.


Author: Andy Kemp

Tags: Quadratic, Functions, Exponential, Linear

Explore functions in a novel environment - moving points on two parallel lines.

Connecting Algebra, Geometry and Graphs

Author: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Linear, Quadratic, 2D shapes, Letters and symbols

Move from words to symbols, to geometric representations, to plotted points and finally to graphs.

Intersecting Tangents of a Parabola

Author: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Quadratic, Simultaneous equations, Reasoning, Coordinate Geometry

Construct two tangents to a parabola and investigate the coordinates of their point of intersection.

Graphs in the next dimension

Author: Nevil Hopley

Tags: Linear, Quadratic, Functions

Use an introduction to 3D graphs to reinforce understanding of 2D graphs. (Operating System 3.x)

The Discriminant

Author: Andy Kemp

Tags: Quadratic

Explore the role of the discriminant in describing the roots of quadratic equations.

The sheep-pen problem

Author: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Quadratic, Perimeter, Area, Algebra

Recognise a quadratic in a realistic context and solve an optimisation problem