Meet the TI-Rover with geometry challenges

Introduction to the TI-Rover technology and programming Rover with a set of Geometry challenges for middle school and high school students.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: 2D shapes, Angles, Geometry, Programming, Python, Rectangles, TI-Innovator Rover, Triangle


Een uitgebreide variant van de ABC-formule

Publisher: Jan Elemans

Editor: Jan Elemans

Author: Jan Elemans

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: 2D shapes, Tutorial, Algebra, Programming, Analysis

Transversals in Triangles

Simple properties of medians, central verticals, angle bisectors and heights are shown.The idea is to show that it is not self-evident, that transversal lines in a triangle intersect in one…

Author: Dieter Bergmann

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: 2D shapes, Algebra, Analysis, Analytic Geometry, Animations, Calculus, Chaos, Derivative, Didactics, Dynamic Simulations, Dynamic Systems, Equations, Function Plotter, Functions, Geometry, Graphing, Sharing Inspiration 2017, Solving equations, Triangle, Zeros

Similar Shapes

A dynamic approach to enlargement and similarity

Publisher: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Author: Jay Timotheus

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Geometry, 2D shapes