Ringa in en cirkel

Ma 3 - Aritmetik, algebra och geometri - Detta exempel täcker in flera områden i kurs 3

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Mathematical thinking, Circle, Material to order, Pythagoras, Trigonometry

High ground, low ground

What is the quickest route from Start to Finish across two types of ground where different speeds are possible?

Author: David J C Elgin

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Pythagoras, Velocity

Stacking circles

Circles are stacked. How high is the top point above the ground?

Author: David J C Elgin

Tags: Pythagoras

High ground low ground

Find the total time for a journey taken by a group of walkers.

Author: Jonathan Powell

Tags: Pythagoras, Time

Trig in a right angled triangle

Trig problems in right angled triangles are solved.

Author: David J C Elgin

Tags: Pythagoras, Trigonometry

CAliMERO - Computer-Algebra im Mathematikunterricht. Band 9: Arbeitsmaterialien für Schülerinnen und Schüler

Die Materialien entstanden im Rahmen eines Schulversuches des Landes Niedersachsen mit dem Thema: Computer-Algebra-Systeme im Mathematikunterricht der Jahrgänge 7-10 des Gymnasiums.

Author: T³ Deutschland

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Mathematical thinking, Circle, Pythagoras, Trigonometry

Pythagoras' Theorem

Discover, confirm, illustrate and use Pythagoras' Theorem

Author: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Pythagoras

Cone Volumes

Calculate and optimise the volume of a cone using a variety of measurements. (OS 3.x)

Author: Nevil Hopley

Tags: Functions, Surface area, Pythagoras, Triangle, Cones, Trigonometry, Volume